Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does SharpDrives provide service throughout Bangalore

Yes. SharDrives provides service throughout Banglore.

I want to learn in my own car. Do you provide this service

Yes.We provide instructors to your doorstep who will get your driving to perfection.

What documents should I already have

Learning Licence OR Driving Licence is mandatory. Vehicle RC, insurance.

I need a sedan car for learning.

Sorry we do not provide vehicles, only professional instructors to train you in your vehicle.

I have LL and my own 4wheeler but no prior experience in driving, would you be able to help

You have come to the right place. We will take you from absolute basics to skilled and stress free driving.

Do you assist us in getting LL or DL

No. We specialise in teaching. We do not provide RTO services.

I am already driving, I just need traffic practice

Sure, we have Both basic and advanced training methodologies. And plans suiting your needs

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How much time will it take for me to learn driving?

On an average we see that it takes 10hr class (1hr everyday) to train from scratch.

Can I schedule my classes early morning?

Yes. We operate from 6am to 8pm and you decide the time.

I can drive in city but long drive I am a bit scared when vehicles comes opposite during night time

We have a Long Drive Plan to boost your confidence. Please click here to book the classes.

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