Learn Car Driving In ITPL Main Road

ITPL (International Tech Park) is one of the oldest tech parks situated in Whitefield, Bangalore. Managed by Ascendas, it was created as a joint venture between India and Singapore in 1994. The place consists 450,000 square foot Park Square Mall, sporting arenas and the Taj Vivanta.

It provides campus facilities for a large number of multinational companies such as General Motors, Xerox, Medtronic, IBM, Airtel, iGATE, Vodafone, TCS, and many more. Hence there is no wonder to see jam-packed roads in this area almost every day of the week.

If you travel by this route on a daily basis, you might have already realized it. It is not a surprise if you are scared to drive in this region. SharpDrives will help you in this aspect. Our team of skilled instructors will train you throughout your journey with us.  With our course, you can drive safely in the streets of ITPL. We promise you to offer all the necessary training on car driving right from scratch.

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Do You Own A Car in ITPL? Our Experts Will Teach You to Drive it With Confidence

SharpDrives houses a team of professionals who are capable of making you a skilled driver.  We designed our courses keeping your requirements in mind. You can pick any of those that best suits your need. Once you join our class, we will impart you all the must-know car driving techniques so that you can drive stress free on the busy streets of ITPL. Our instructors guarantee that you can drive with a smile on your face after the completion of your course. You will no longer struggle to drive on the same street where you feared to take your car before. We offer what we promise. Avail your course with us to see it by yourself.

Our professional trainers teach you in your own car at your luxury. It will not only help us to boost your confidence but also make you more comfortable while learning. Our courses also include car driving training in the challenging areas of ITPL. That is, we offer a complete city driving training for you at a less price. The only motive of SharpDrives is to see you drive safely in and around the town like a pro. You can also book our short-term courses if you have a shortage of time. With such classes, you can learn all the essential part of the car driving quickly as well as cost-effectively.

How Does Our Training Work?

  • We provide theory along with the on-road classes for your maximum benefit.
  • Our courses include 1-1 basis lessons for a full one-hour.
  • You can either be a novice or a person who wants to level-up the driving skill; We provide all the required training that helps you become the best driver.
  • Our instructors will be with you while you sit behind the wheel during the driving session. They guide you in every aspect of car driving.
  • We utilize smart services in our teaching process to shift our focus on the areas of improvement.
  • We have expert instructors who can teach basic and advanced training techniques within ten days.
  • Our quick learning courses will save your time as well as money.

What is The Best Time to Learn Car in ITPL Roads?

Almost every part of the day, the ITPL road will be crowded with buses, car, and bikes. Hence if you wish to grasp the techniques and learn car driving quickly, we recommend the early morning session that starts from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. During this session, we also train you in traffic-packed areas of ITPL. So, you can drive confidently in almost every corner of the city.

Since our classes will also remain open on weekends, you can opt for weekend courses if you are an office going person. The best time for car driving training during weekends will be from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. You can also modify the timings based on your convenience. We will always stick to your schedule.

SharpDrives makes learning car driving easy for you in ITPL road.

Our team will always be with you at every step of the course.