Driving Lessons at SharpDrives

SharpDrives offers you a very competitive rate with a quality service to match. We also offer you a simple price structure, we don’t believe in charging you extra during the holidays or weekends. Our lessons are conducted on a 1-1 basis and we will give you a full one hour lesson.

SharpDrives provides an unmatched learning experience to level-up your driving skills. Unlike traditional learning programmes, our smart services are designed, keeping in mind your availability and focussing on specific areas of improvement to bring out the best driver in you.

At SharpDrives we pride ourselves in having vast experience in the industry whilst offering competitively priced driving lessons. We work around all parts of Bangalore.

Our Prices and Plans

At SharpDrives, we offer affordable driving lessons on all types of vehicles. Get behind the wheel for the first time under the supervision of our highly experienced instructors. You can pay for driving lessons & courses online via Paypal or you can pay through cash or cheque, before or after the classes.

10 Day Plan:
Ten Day plan is an extensive learning plan covering all aspects of driving. This plan is most suitable for people who wish to learn from scratch, having no prior experience what so ever.

Your Own Plan:
A custom plan to optimise your driving skills. This plan is most suitable for people with minimal experience. You could customise your learning sessions according to your daily travel schedule and other areas of interest.

One Day Plan:
One Day Plan is focussed on City Driving. Primary focus would be to drive in heavily crowded narrow streets with peak traffic conditions.

Long Drive Plan:
Driving on highways, clocking at higher speeds is a challenge to most people. We at SharpDrives have made an exclusive plan to drive 100-150 kms in a single day. This plan aims to provide you complete exposure of highway driving.

Pricing Table

10day plan

₹250010 hour
₹250010 hour
  • Teach me from scratch

  • For Beginners

  • Getting comfortable inside the car

  • Moving the vehicle

  • Stearing and Gear Balance

  • Working with Reverse

  • Perfect Parking. Spot Parking

  • Sub Road driving

  • City Driving

  • Traffic Signs and Driving Rules

One day plan

₹10004 hour
₹10004 hour
  • City Drive

  • For Advanced Driving

  • Perfectionalize city driving

  • Genuine Driving Feedback

  • Correcting the Faults

  • Smooth and Risk Free City Driving

Long drive plan

₹10005 hours
₹10005 hours
  • Long Drive

  • For Advanced Drivers

  • 100-150 kms of highway driving

  • Highway Driving Guidelines

  • Highway Signs and Signals

Your Own Plan

₹250per hour
₹250per hour
  • Customize your plan

  • For Beginners

  • Complete City Driving

  • Genuine Driving Feedback

  • Deciding Training Schedule

  • Smooth and Risk Free City Driving